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Storyline:Reverend Clayton (Donald Sutherland) gave his son John Henry (Kiefer Sutherland) years ago a heavy heart. At that time he left his hometown to make the Wild West even more insecure as a gunslinger. In fact, he is after a short time already as a nefarious, accurate revolver hero. However, John's reckless behavior has destroyed the father-son relationship. After years of dishonorable life as an outlaw, however, John Henry hangs his Colt and seeks his homeland to reconcile with his father and forget his past. In addition, he gets to know the beautiful Mary-Alice Watson (Demi Moore), with whom he wants to lead a quiet life. But the idyll is short-lived, because soon a horde of lawless bandits is looking for the little town ...

Where Is Kyra?0%Where Is Kyra?

Storyline:After losing her job, Mother Kyra desperately tries to make ends meet with a low income. In the following weeks and months her situation worsens, leading her on a dangerous path that seriously threatens her life.