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Brigsby Bear0%Brigsby Bear

Storyline:For a long time, James Pope (Kyle Mooney) has only one place in the world: The Underground Bunker, where Ted (Mark Hamill) and April (Jane Adams) raise him. The two kidnap the boy once (he believes, however, it was his parents), teach him fictitious mathematics and leave him in the belief that the outside world is contaminated. But one day when the police storm the bunker, James has no choice but to go out there. He comes back to his birth parents (Matt Walsh and Michaela Watkins) and tries to integrate into the social life with the help of his sister Aubrey (Ryan Simpkins). Especially the cinema has done to him - so far he thought, the self-produced children's series Teds, "Brigsby Bear", would be the highest of all feelings. From then on he is pursuing the goal of bringing the costume bear to the big screen together with budding CGI artist Spencer (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.).