Leslie Mann's New Movies

The Comedian0%The Comedian

Storyline:Jackie (Robert De Niro) was a successful comedian who had a sitcom hit, but since the end of his TV series, it is no longer around him. Now he is back in his old home where his brother's daughter (Danny DeVito) will marry. Because the great job offers stay away, his agent (Edie Falco) can only give him stand-up gigs with other old guys. Because there is a small argument at one of the gigs, Jackie finally has to do community service in a homeless shelter. There he meets Harmony (Leslie Mann) and falls in love. Together with her the comedian with the sharp tongue and a penchant for insults in New York - to appearances of colleagues, a gig in a nursing home, the wedding of his niece or the birthday of Harmony's controlling father Mac (Harvey Keitel). And everywhere he breaks with his words plenty of porcelain ...

How to Be Single0%How to Be Single

Storyline:How do you act as a single in the city that never sleeps? Alice (Dakota Johnson) only has to learn this when she separates from her boyfriend and starts a new job in New York City. Her sister and roommate Meg (Leslie Mann) and her festive colleague Robin (Rebel Wilson) take her under her arms during her first steps in the single urban jungle. While Alice soon ties in with single dad (Damon Wayans Jr.), Meg is plagued by other singles worries: As an obstetrician, she has given birth to over 3,000 babies, and now she wants her own baby, but she has the right father for her is missing. Alice's new circle of friends includes Lucy (Alison Brie), whose love life is also upside down. Between dating orgies, suggestive sms, failed advances, and fleeting encounters, each of the women tries to find out what love really means-and how to find it.