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Storyline:In the life of real estate journalist Julia Talben (Jessica Lowndes) everything is going according to plan. But then her family is brutally murdered in a burglary and she remains deeply shocked. Investigations are quickly completed for the police, but the investigative reporter senses more and gets to the bottom of a strange mystery. Together with her ex-boyfriend Detective Grady (Joe Anderson), she meets the mysterious Allie (Lin Shaye), who leads to a spooky Abattoir - a haunted house with an infinite number of rooms. In this world full of dead and cursed souls, Julia soon realizes that the key to the truth lies here.

The Black Room0%The Black Room

Storyline:Finally the time has come: The couple Paul (Lukas Hassel) and Jennifer Hemdale (Natasha Henstridge) move into the house they have always dreamed about. But everything seems so idyllic and perfect at first, it does not stay that way. For there is a black room in the cellar of the new home that holds a secret that will soon put Paul and Jennifer's marriage to the test - and threaten their lives. Because not only the former owner has done away with the housebroken something, but also the craftsmen, who one day penetrate into the hole, no longer make it back to the daylight alive. Eventually, the demonic being takes possession of Paul and manages to escape from the basement room. Now it's up to Jennifer and her sister Karen (Augie Duke) to fight evil and free Paul ...