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Storyline:Frank Adler (Chris Evans) lives with his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace), who he raised in his place in a small coastal town in Florida. Mary is as lively as she is intelligent, and because of her achievements at school, especially in mathematics, her teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) soon surmises that Mary could be gifted. However, Frank does not want to know about it, but wants to allow Mary to live a largely normal life apart from performance pressure and intelligence tests. But when his own mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) finds out about it, the peaceful life of the patchwork family is over, because Evelyn has big plans for her granddaughter. But Frank decides to fight for his niece's well-being while receiving support from Bonnie, who in turn has her eye on the attractive single parent, as well as his resolute landlady and friend Roberta (Octavia Spencer).