Louis Mandylor's New Movies

The Debt Collector0%The Debt Collector

Storyline:French (Scott Adkins) and his buddy Sue (Louis Mandylor) are indebted to organized crime. Most of the assignments are routine jobs, with which the classically trained Martial Arts fighter French and his Sidekick have no problems. But then the duo has a "customer" who puts French in a situation that comes very close to him and also leads to his personal limits ...

Daylight's End0%Daylight's End

Storyline:A mysterious plague has been raging the earth for years, turning most people into bloodthirsty creatures. In the middle of the desolate wasteland, unscrupulous lone fighter Rourke (Johnny Strong) is struggling to survive. In an abandoned police station, he meets a group of people who have so far also succeeded in escaping the blood-infested infected. But their hiding place is no longer safe, so they ask Rourke to help them escape. Rourke is not too pleased about that, after all, he still has a bill with the leader of the undead and wants to cancel his vendetta only with great reluctance. He reluctantly agrees, but they do not have much time left: when the sun goes down, so does the evil ...