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Looking Glass0%Looking Glass

Storyline:After the tragic accidental death of her daughter, the married couple Ray (Nicolas Cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney) are devastated. They are buying a remote desert hotel to build a new life there. But strange things are going on in the place, and Ray gradually discovers that once a bizarre murder happened in the hotel. When he also finds a secret passage that leads behind the mirror of one of the rooms, both Ray's life and his mental health are in danger ...

Brawl in Cell Block 990%Brawl in Cell Block 99

Storyline:New movie by "Bone Tomahawk" director S. Craig Zahler. Former boxer Bradley loses his job as a car mechanic and faces the wreckage of his tumultuous marriage. Now it does not matter what he does and starts as a drug messenger for an old friend. Quickly improves his living situation with the good payment. Until the day he gets into a shoot-out between the police and his own people. Bradley is badly injured and goes to jail. For former enemies of freedom, he is now to do some very violent assignments and transforms the prison from now on into a violent battlefield.