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The Son of Bigfoot0%The Son of Bigfoot

Storyline:The 13-year-old Adam (voice: Lukas Rieger) is an outsider at his school - but he finds out that he has the coolest dad of all time: the long-lost father (Tom Beck) is the legendary Bigfoot, who is too his own protection and that of Adam and his mother Shelly hid deep in the forest for years. Because the nasty pharmaceutical company HairCo. is behind his DNA, which allows a huge hair growth, and scares in the hunt for Bigfoot before anything. But now Adam has HairCo in his search for his father. Followed in its wake and Bigfoot and all the inhabitants of the forest are in danger. Fortunately, Adam's hairy father has special powers and is incredibly strong and can run very fast - and even Adam himself has inherited this part. Together they defend themselves ...