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Fist Fight0%Fist Fight

Storyline:Only one more day separates the students from the long-awaited holidays and the amiable English teacher Andy Campbell (Martin Day) has his hands full, because the children are completely out of whack. But not only that cause him a headache - even the administration has screwed up a lot and so threaten due to budget cuts several layoffs. To make matters worse, Andy also attracts the wrath of his hard-hitting and scary colleague Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) as he unintentionally takes care of his dismissal. Ron challenges Andy to a classic fistfight after school. Of course, this does not stay secret for long and soon it is the event that everyone wants to watch. But Andy understandably has little desire to let himself be crushed in front of everyone's eyes and is feverishly searching for a way to avoid being beaten ...