Matthew Goode's New Movies

The Imitation Game0%The Imitation Game

Storyline:After an unfortunate youth, brilliant mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins to realize his full potential while studying at Cambridge University. He is quickly one of the leading thinkers in the country, especially as far as his theories on calculating machines are concerned. Exactly these also draw attention to the genius of British intelligence. Alan becomes a member of a secret group at the beginning of the Second World War. Their task: to decode the communication of the Germans. With the help of Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley) and Hugh Alexander (Matthew Goode) and under the supervision of Stewart Menzies (Mark Strong) and Commander Denniston (Charles Dance) Alan tries to crack the encryption Enigma to get to war-critical information. ..


Storyline:1977: In order to provide the ultimate proof that education is stronger than nature, the two distinguished scientists Ben (Matthew Goode) and Catherine Morin (Toni Collette) quit their jobs and raise three children against the respective genetic tendencies. They want to prove that everyone has the potential to become anything and achieve everything. Maya (Megan O'Kelly), a newborn girl of very simple-knit parents, is said to be educated as an intelligence beast, and Maurice (Anton Gillis-Adelman), a boy whose parents have many outbursts, should become an absolute pacifist. In addition to these two children who adopt them, the research couple also makes their own offspring part of the experiment: Son Luke (Jordan Poole) should not follow the example of his parents and ancestors for many generations and become scientists, but is drawn from them to the artist ...


Storyline:Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley), a billionaire industrialist, was used to getting what he wanted all his life. He put his power entirely in the service of his company empire and even sacrificed contact with his daughter Claire (Michelle Dockery). When Hale gets the diagnosis that he is terminally ill with cancer and will soon die, he falls into his usual pattern after a brief grief: He uses his privileges to buy his lifetime. Albright (Matthew Goode), an elitist secret society strippers, trusts Hale with a procedure called "shedding," in which the patient's mind is transplanted into the healthy body of another man (Ryan Reynolds). The operation succeeds. Hale quickly enjoys his new life as "Edward", befriending Anton (Derek Luke), who shows him the hospitality of New Orleans. But something is wrong: Hale has nightmares that have to do with a strange life. He gets to the bottom of the causes of these dreams, comes in his research with the single mother Madeline (Natalie Martinez) in contact. What connects him and Natalie? And what role does Albright's secret organization play?

The Hatton Garden Job0%The Hatton Garden Job

Storyline:A nameless rogue (Matthew Goode) is planning the most spectacular raid of the decade, which is to loot 200 million pounds worth of jewels. To do this, he assembles a crew that not only uses old-fashioned methods but is actually old ...