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Die Unsichtbaren0%Die Unsichtbaren

Storyline:In February 1943, the Nazi regime declared that Jews would no longer live in the Reich capital Berlin. Some of them, however, were able to escape the henchmen of Adolf Hitler. The young Hanni Lévy (Alice Dwyer) belongs to the submerged. Hanni, who lost both parents, tries to stay unrecognized on the Ku'damm with blond colored hair. Cioma Schönhaus (Max Mauff) fakes passports that save dozens of Jews' lives - and, thanks to the money he earned, manages to lead a reasonably normal life. Eugene Friede (Aaron Altaras) is staying with a German family, he fights at night the Nazi regime with leaflets made in a resistance group and disguises itself during the day in the uniform of the Hitler Youth. Ruth Arndt (Ruby O. Fee) pretends to be a war widow and serves Nazi officers gourmet food from the black market ...