Michael C. Hall's New Movies


Storyline:Christine (Rebecca Hall) is far superior to her colleagues working for a news channel in Florida, and feels called for greater positions. She desperately wants to be in front of the camera. In addition, she must not report on the topics that you have in mind. She wants to denounce the social injustice in the country and gets so again and again with their boss (Tracy Letts) to each other, interested only in the quotas. And for that he needs stories that promise sensations. When she makes friends with a colleague (Michael C. Hall), in whom she is secretly in love, the privately frustrated Christine draws a little hope. But this is short-lived, because when she realizes that her love is not reciprocated, she is finally disillusioned. Christine decides to take a radical step ... Biopic about television presenter Christine Chubbuck, who killed herself in front of the camera.