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The LEGO Batman Movie0%The LEGO Batman Movie

Storyline:LEGO-Batman (voice in the original: Will Arnett / German voice: David Nathan) experiences after his first screen appearance in "The LEGO Movie" now a solo adventure, which deals with the question: Can Batman be happy? We learn that Batman once adopted a child as Bruce Wayne - accidentally at a charity event. But the son man, Dick Grayson aka Robin (Michael Cera / Luke Mockridge), gnaws the hero's dad powerful on the nerves: In contrast to Batman, he is all the time super-positive - and he wants to sit in the front Batmobile, which of course does not work. Especially since Batman already has enough stress with the Joker (Zach Galifianakis / Erik "Gronkh" Range). He wants to prove to the Dark Knight that he is the greatest villain of all time, so Batman has his doubts. A duel of egos is inevitable ...