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Storyline:In the midst of the Chilean military coup of 1973, Lena (Emma Watson) and her boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Brühl) are arrested by Augusto Pinochet's secret police. While Lena is allowed to run again after a short time, Daniel is taken to the isolated Colonia Dignidad in the south of the country. Led by shady preacher Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist), the settlement is designed to give the appearance of a pristine and benevolent community, but in truth, those in charge collaborate with dictator Pinochet for whom they interrogate and ultimately kill the imprisoned with cruel torture methods , Nobody ever left the place alive. Full of despair, Lena joins the questionable grouping to find Daniel and flee with him ...

John Wick: Chapter 20%John Wick: Chapter 2

Storyline:Only to get the car back, then John Wick (Keanu Reeves) wants to retire. But after the ex-mission killer has reconciled his beloved vehicle again and himself with Abram (Peter Stormare), the brother of his nemesis Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), it is really going on for Wick. Wicks's former colleague Santino (Riccardo Scamarcio) is at the door and gives him a coin sealed with blood. As the individual knows, the coin stands for a promise that Wick once gave - the promise of help in return for an old favor. And even if the killer wants his peace, he can not help but his assurance, otherwise death threatens him. Wick goes to Rome, where Santino's sister Gianna (Claudia Gerini) wants to come to the ranks of the most influential gangsterbones ...