Michelle Williams's New Movies


Storyline:As Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), head of the mysterious Life Foundation, comes into possession of an organism of extraterrestrial origin, he uses these so-called symbionts to perform with them experiments on humans. Thanks to the advice of a group insider (Jenny Slate), the reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) gets wind of Drake's questionable machinations and decides - against the warning of his girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams) - to get to the bottom of the matter, after all, he tries for a long time, Drake the craft to lay. However, during his research in the Life Foundation laboratories, Eddie himself comes into contact with a symbiote that merges with him into a new being: Venom, equipped with superhuman powers. Independent solo film of the villain known from the "Spider-Man" comic / anti-hero Venom.

I Feel Pretty0%I Feel Pretty

Storyline:Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) works for a cosmetics company and knows how to be an average person in the world of beauty. However, after an accident in the gym, she feels completely transformed and imagines to be beautiful. Although she looks the same to everyone else as before, but with the alleged spell she develops a new self-confidence that helps her to quickly climb up the corporate ladder, gaining the respect of her idol and her boss Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams). Even in love, it suddenly goes well, thanks to her new self-confidence, she meets a charming man (Rory Scovel). But self-confidence quickly turns into arrogance and soon Renee is only annoyed by the quarrels of her less successful friends. Not everyone can be as perfect as they are, thinks the formerly so understanding newcomer. Then the "magic" fades again ...

Certain Women0%Certain Women

Storyline:In the US state of Montana, the lives of four women take very different turns: lawyer Laura Wells (Laura Dern) is trying very hard to dissuade her client Fuller (Jared Harris) from his hopeless labor lawsuit. However, Fuller does not want to accept that his right could be denied him and takes drastic action. Meanwhile, Gina (Michelle Williams) has problems in her private life: The daughter pubes wildly, the house construction poses some challenges to the family and it also crumbles between Gina and her husband Ryan (James Le Gros). The great love of happiness hopes in the neighboring village of the young groom Jamie (Lily Gladstone), who falls in love with an evening class in her teacher Beth (Kristen Stewart), who has just completed law school. Based on short stories from the story collection "Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It" by American author Maile Meloy.

Manchester by the Sea0%Manchester by the Sea

Storyline:The lonely and silent Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), as a craftsman responsible for a Boston block of flats, is torn from a gripping message from everyday life: his brother Joe (Kyle Chandler) has died suddenly. After the surprising death Lee is to take care of Joe's 16-year-old son Patrick (Lucas Hedges). He moves from Boston back to his homeland, the port city of Manchester on the US East Coast. But not only does he have to be a teenager's replacement without having done anything like this before, but he also meets his ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams), with whom he used to live chaotic but happy. The old wounds begin to hurt again and Lee begins to wonder what it takes to get on with the past - and what it takes to start a healthy future ...