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Storyline:One day at 2:22 in the afternoon, an unusual flash of light dazzles the air traffic controller Dylan Branson (Michiel Huisman), which almost resulted in a collision between two aircraft, killing 900 people. Since then, strange things happen to the New Yorker again and again-although the phenomena are so inexplicable and confusing they seem to be a pattern. While trying to put some light into the darkness, he encounters the fascinating Sarah (Teresa Palmer). Immediately the two feel attracted to each other and in a strange way, as if they have always known each other. Dylan is now sure that all this can not be a coincidence, but a big mystery behind it, which he must necessarily reveal - and Sarah seems to play an important role in the solution of the puzzle ...

The Ottoman Lieutenant0%The Ottoman Lieutenant

Storyline:Europe is steeped in the horrors and turmoils at the beginning of the First World War, whose impact and impact nobody expected. Nevertheless, the idealistic nurse Lillie (Hera Hilmer) leaves her homeland, the United States - frustrated by the iniquities prevailing there. Trigger is the meeting with the missionary doctor Jude (Josh Hartnett), who looks after a station in the distant Ottoman Empire. But Lillie's loyalty to the Jew is put to the test on the spot when she falls in love with the Ottoman officer Ismael (Michiel Huisman) and thus with the enemy. Lillie has to decide if she will live up to the expectations that other people impose on her or if she puts herself first ...