Milo Ventimiglia's New Movies

Second Act0%Second Act

Storyline:At the age of 40, Maya Davilla (Jennifer Lopez) has worked her way up to become Deputy Store Manager for Queens' largest supermarket, but she is still not satisfied with her life. Because she does not have a high school diploma, she is not allowed to work as a branch manager. She receives help from an unexpected source when the son of her best friend Joan (Leah Remini) takes on Maya's curriculum vitae and polishes it up with a suitable social media appearance. Before she knows it, Maya is invited to a job interview with a cosmetics company and actually gets offered the job as a marketing consultant. With her cleverness and her fresh ideas, she mixes up the company properly, but soon threatened to fly up the wrong game ...

Devil's Gate0%Devil's Gate

Storyline:Devil's Gate in North Dakota: An FBI agent (Amanda Schull) and a sheriff (Jonathan Frakes) begin to investigate the disappearance of a woman and her son ...