Mykelti Williamson's New Movies

Run the Race0%Run the Race

Storyline:In this sports drama, the relationship between two brothers is challenged by different worldviews.

The Purge: Election Year0%The Purge: Election Year

Storyline:Once a year, all US citizens are allowed to freely commit all crimes for one night, which makes sense to them without fear of criminal consequences. So the crime is to be stopped for the rest of the year. But popular resistance to this drastic measure is growing. To change the situation, Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who narrowly escaped her life on a Purge night years ago, politically advocates abolishing the lawless night. But it quickly attracts the displeasure of high government officials who want to get rid of their in the upcoming "purge". Protected by her rough-headed security chief Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), Charlie tries to get through the night to bring down the system once and for all.