Nicholas Braun's New Movies

Freaks of Nature0%Freaks of Nature

Storyline:The pecking order in Dilford is clear: At the top are the vampires, then the humans come and at the bottom of the food chain are the zombies. And you can take it literally with the food chain. It is clear, there are rules and somehow they have arranged themselves. Where bloodsuckers and undead are not unique, it is not surprising when one day aliens join. But the newcomers are somehow confusing everything and suddenly everyone is fighting against everyone in the fight for survival and against the new threat. Even before everything sinks into chaos, three teenagers get together with Dag (Nicholas Brown), Petra (Mackenzie Davis) and Ned (Josh Fadem). The result is an unusual and not completely conflict-free coalition between the representatives of the dead, undead and living Earth dwellers. The goal is clear: The invasion of the earth must be averted, no matter what it costs.

Good Kids0%Good Kids

Storyline:The four high school students Nora (Zoey Deutch), Andy (Nicholas Brown), Spice (Israel Broussard) and Lion (Mateo Arias) have always been good children and successful at school, but after graduation they realize that the party life completely gone past them and they missed so much. This is set to change in their last summer together, and so the four of them decide to change fundamentally before going to college for them. From now on, there is only one rule: yes to everything. Yes to alcohol, yes to hard drugs, yes to the first sex, yes to everything that was previously forbidden or unattainable. Andy becomes a tennis instructor in a country club and makes lonely wives happy there, Nora starts a relationship with an older colleague, Spice tries to seduce women with his cooking skills and Lion discovers drugs for himself. It will be a summer they will never forget ...