Nick Thune's New Movies

Dave Made a Maze0%Dave Made a Maze

Storyline:Dave (Nick Thune) is an artist, but has not created anything worth mentioning in his life. Out of frustration, he builds a fort out of cardboard boxes in his living room. As he withdraws, a magical world of traps, dangers, and creatures unfolds inside-he sees himself trapped in and threatened by his own creation, unable to escape on his own. Dane's girlfriend Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) assembles an eccentric rescue team to bail the prisoner out - although he warns her specifically against stepping into the labyrinth. The interior of the labyrinth is brought to life using stop-motion techniques, puppet theater tricks, and all sorts of visual illusions, and underpins the flair of 80s adventure movies with modern satire elements.

Mr. Roosevelt0%Mr. Roosevelt

Storyline:Emily Martin (Noël Wells) is a talented but elusive comedian who has left her family as well as her partner behind to pursue a career in Los Angeles. When a person close to her falls ill, she travels back to Austin, Texas. There she finds lodgings with her ex-boyfriend Eric (Nick Thune), who now lives with his new flame Celeste (Britt Lower) - a very organized young woman with a five-year plan. Although Emily is still the same as she was then, around her everything seems to have changed: The house was redecorated and her former Rocker friend is now embarking on a career as a real estate agent. which eventually causes Emily's inner demons to return from ancient times - she herself does not even know what to do in the next five days, let alone the next five years. Seated in a guest room, she begins to question the other's life goals: have people from her surroundings sold her soul or actually found out what makes her happy?