Noël Wells's New Movies

Happy Anniversary0%Happy Anniversary

Storyline:What would we be without the seemingly limitless power of love? She is powerful, magical and simply wonderful and falling in love is probably one of the most beautiful things a person can feel in their lives - until everything is over. And that's exactly where Sam (Ben Schwartz) and Mollie (Noël Wells) are. They've been together for three years, but just on their anniversary, they realize that their relationship is no longer as good as it was at the beginning. It looked so good, but as life sometimes happens, follows on the first successful date, the first together spent holidays and the first dog always sometime the first dispute. And unfortunately that is rarely the last. Sam and Mollie are now faced with a serious decision: do they want to get together and go ahead or end it?

Mr. Roosevelt0%Mr. Roosevelt

Storyline:Emily Martin (Noël Wells) is a talented but elusive comedian who has left her family as well as her partner behind to pursue a career in Los Angeles. When a person close to her falls ill, she travels back to Austin, Texas. There she finds lodgings with her ex-boyfriend Eric (Nick Thune), who now lives with his new flame Celeste (Britt Lower) - a very organized young woman with a five-year plan. Although Emily is still the same as she was then, around her everything seems to have changed: The house was redecorated and her former Rocker friend is now embarking on a career as a real estate agent. which eventually causes Emily's inner demons to return from ancient times - she herself does not even know what to do in the next five days, let alone the next five years. Seated in a guest room, she begins to question the other's life goals: have people from her surroundings sold her soul or actually found out what makes her happy?