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Boone: The Bounty Hunter0%Boone: The Bounty Hunter

Storyline:Boone (John Hennigan) is not only a tough bounty hunter who combines muckis and acrobatics, but is also the star of his own TV show. In front of the camera, he makes all kinds of lawbreakers known to his audience. Stupid only that the audience in the long term stay out and the quotas sink into the basement. Only a good comeback will help! And as luck would have it, the case of a dangerous drug baron and his spoiled son ends up at his place. For Boone and his team is clear: This will be their next big coup for television! But it's not that easy, and when the troupe even lands in the Mexican jail, Boone has to pull out all the stops of his skills to bail out himself and his colleagues. Will they be able to free themselves? And more importantly, will the odds be correct?