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The Wilde Wedding0%The Wilde Wedding

Storyline:Former actress Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) prepares for the wedding with man number four, the acclaimed British author Harold Alcott (Patrick Stewart). The celebration will be a long summer weekend, with the couple's families as well as Laurence Darling (John Malkovich), a celebrated theatrical actor and Eve's first husband. At the big party, the sparks finally sparkle, but as some of the guests come closer, the consequences of the love-turmoil are unpredictable ...


Storyline:In the world of the year 2029, mutants are history, almost anyway: the aged Logan alias Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is one of the few remaining people with extraordinary powers and spends his days at an abandoned patch of land near the border with Mexico. But Logan's self-imposed exile ends abruptly one day when a mysterious woman asks him to take care of the young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen) and bring them to safety. Soon the clawed warrior has to deal with dark powers and a villain from his own past to protect Laura ...