Paula Beer's New Movies


Storyline:Georg (Franz Rogowski), a German refugee, travels from Paris to Marseille just in time before German troops arrest him in the French capital. But even Marseille is only a transitional station, only those who can prove that they plan to go again may stay. Georg can do this easily, as he carries with him in his luggage the papers of the writer Weidel, who committed suicide - including the assurance of being issued a visa by the Mexican embassy. Georg accepts Weidel's identity and lets himself drift along with all the other refugees in the port city, hoping to get hold of a ticket for a ship's passage. Then he meets Marie Weidel (Paula Beer) and falls in love with the mysterious woman who is looking for her missing husband - a writer ... Adaptation of the novel "Transit" by Anna Seghers.


Storyline:1919, shortly after the end of the First World War. Every day Anna (Paula Beer) visits the tomb of her fallen fiancé Frantz (Anton von Lucke). She still lives with Dr. med. Hoffmeister (Ernst Stötzner) and his wife Magda (Marie Gruber), the parents of the dead, and can only be difficult to solve the past. She is also not interested in the advances of Kreutz (Johann von Bülow), who wants to marry her, although the Hoffmeisters encourage her to start a new life. As Anna observes a stranger (Pierre Niney) in the cemetery, who leaves flowers on Frantz's grave, she speaks to him: his name is Adrien and he is a friend of the deceased from prewar times. The Frenchman is not welcomed in the small German town so soon after the war, but Anna likes the mysterious man.