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Megan Leavey0%Megan Leavey

Storyline:Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) is a member of a Marines Bomb Disposal Unit. During a mission she meets the aggressive military dog Rex. The young woman immediately feels a special bond with the German Shepherd and gets permission to train him. With Rex at her side, Megan completes over 100 successful missions in Iraq and saves a lot of lives. But in the presence of bombs, only a tiny mistake is enough to cause fatal consequences. Through the work, the two become inseparable, but the army does not consider the dog suitable for a civilian life at their side. Megan soon has to fight for the fate of her dog. Based on the life of real New Yorker Megan Leavey, who joined the Marines in 2003 and received several awards for extra courage in combat situations.