Rene Russo's New Movies


Storyline:Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) has his very own idea of ​​the American Dream - he's convinced that the good things come only to those who ambitiously dig their ass off. According to his motto, you can only win the lottery if you have money for a lottery ticket. But with Lou, it does not work so well with the dream job, which is why he keeps afloat as a rogue with small thefts. After an intense unsuccessful job search, he is so desperate that he, armed with a camera, as a freelancer sells images of accidents, crime, murder of a local TV station. After his posts as cameraman at the editor-in-chief Nina (Rene Russo) arrive well, he plunges himself further and further into the underworld of L.A. in search of sensational and relentless images, in which nobody can look away. Chaos and human suffering are converted into face value in the cutthroat blood and tears business of "Nightcrawling". Driven by a desperate urge for recognition and success, Lou continues to descend into the abyss with ever-doddering methods - and threatens to end up being a piquant headline soon ...

The Intern0%The Intern

Storyline:Seventy-year-old Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) does not feel very satisfied when he retires, but after several attempts to find new hobbies, it becomes an ever greater challenge to make sense of his free time. Therefore, one day he takes the chance to start as a senior intern on a successful fashion website. Their founder and boss Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is amazed, as the sprightly newcomer to his first day. But while the pensioner is initially smiled a little, he soon enjoys thanks to his charming and warm-hearted nature with his new colleagues, great popularity. And even for Jules, who often feels overwhelmed in her still unfamiliar role as managing director, Ben quickly becomes an important pillar and a good friend she does not want to do without.

Just Getting Started0%Just Getting Started

Storyline:Duke Diver (Morgan Freeman) is the manager of the luxurious retirement home Villa Capri. The man with a mysterious past makes sure that the older gentlemen can party after party - especially among the ladies is Duke a King. When Leo (Tommy Lee Jones) checks in, a cockfight begins, which is also fought over by the new resident Suzie (Rene Russo). But then Duke is caught up in his past and the two men have to gather together to ward off a mafia attack ...