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In the Heat of the Night0%In the Heat of the Night

Storyline:Sam Wood (Warren Oates) is police sergeant of the Sparta cote, located in Mississippi. When a corpse of an industrialist is found on the street, Sam arrests a colored stranger (Sidney Poitier). There is no evidence, no evidence. The tough police chief Bill Gillespie (Rod Steiger) also believes in the guilt of the black man. But then, embarrassingly, the stranger turns out to be Virgil Tibbs, one of Philadelphia's finest homicide detectives. When Gillespie does not know any more about the case, he has to ask Tibbs for help. But with his distrust of Tibbs, he prevents the investigation and the two men are constantly getting their hands on each other. Tibbs also faces racism from another angle. But to solve the case, both must overcome their prejudices ...