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Storyline:After losing his job, Eric Bowen (Sam Rockwell) has to move to another city with his wife Amy (Rosemarie DeWitt) and their children Kendra (Saxon Sharbino), Griffin (Kyle Catlett) and Madison (Kennedi Clements). In her new home, strange incidents begin to pile up and eventually the events turn around and little Madison disappears inexplicably. It will soon be clear to everyone that supernatural dark forces are at work here. The panicky Bowens put their last hopes on the parapsychologist Dr. Brooke Powell (Jane Adams) and TV presenter Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris) presenting the show "Haunted House Cleaners". Together, they get to the bottom of the strange and uncanny happenings in the family home to put an end to the haunting.

La La Land0%La La Land

Storyline:Mia (Emma Stone) is a passionate actress looking for happiness in Los Angeles. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) also wants to make his breakthrough there, not as an actor, but as a musician who wants to inspire people of the 21st century for traditional jazz. Mia and Sebastian have to work their part-time jobs to make a living - she works in caf├ęs, he sits in clubs like Boss's (J.K. Simmons) keyboard. After meeting each other in front of the piano and finally becoming a couple, they give each other strength. From now on, they work together to get big. But Mia and Sebastian quickly realize that their aspirations also claim victims and put their relationship to the test. Does Sebastian betray himself if he plays music in the band of Keith (John Legend) that he does not like at all? And can not Mia learn her lines on tour with her boyfriend, or does she really have to stay in L.A.