Ross Lynch's New Movies

Status Update0%Status Update

Storyline:Kyle Moore (Ross Lynch) struggles to regain a decent life after his parents split up - it's hard for him to get used to the new school. But everything changes when he encounters a mysterious mobile app called Universe, because with this he can influence just that, namely the universe. Singing like a pop star, ice skating like a hockey pro, or getting all the girls off - with the help of his new app, Kyle's wildest fantasies become reality. But he soon has to learn that he not only influences his own life but also that of his fellow human beings. Maybe the app is not a panacea for all its problems, after all, but a virus that gradually ruins its life ...

My Friend Dahmer0%My Friend Dahmer

Storyline:Mid-1970s: Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) is in his final high school year and a total outsider with no real friends. In his free time, he picks up carcasses of run-away animals and puts them in acid in a small forest hut, which he gets from his chemist father (Dallas Roberts). His mother (Anne Heche) has just returned from a psychiatric institution, where she was arrested for, among other things, a supposed UFO sighting. As Jeffrey imitates the spasticity of a half-sided paralyzed in a school lesson and it gets laughter, he is a little more popular. This eventually increases to such an extent that Jeffrey rolls wildly twitching in the school corridor and forms around classmate Derf (Alex Wolff) a kind of Dahmer fan club, which incites the actual outsider to harder and harder actions.