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Storyline:Jess (Stephanie Schildknecht) and Caroline (Roxane Hayward) want to go to a festival, but it still lacks the mobile pedestal. The cool daredevils Fred (Tyrone Keogh) and Thomas (Keenan Arrison) are just right here, who are in the right place with their chic sports car at the right time to take the two pretty ones with them. Therefore, not only the girls are happy about the ride. The men also see a chance to get closer to the girls through the joint joyride. But as the advances of Fred and Thomas are a little too offensive and Jess and Caroline would be against it, it comes to a serious accident, in which not only the car is completely destroyed, but also all inmates come to harm. But that's just the beginning of the torture: It turns out that the car was stolen and only a little later, armed people emerge to the teeth, who seek the life of the group ...