Ryan Guzman's New Movies

The Boy Next Door0%The Boy Next Door

Storyline:A few months after her husband Garrett's divorce (John Corbett), single-parent mother-in-law and teacher Claire (Jennifer Lopez) is still visibly upset. A short sexual distraction offers the attractive Noah (Ryan Guzman): In a weak moment, Claire gets involved in a one-night stand with her much younger neighbor. For them, it is clear that the thing was a unique adventure, but Noah sees it very differently and soon turns out to be a stalker. More and more, he is pushing himself into Claire's life. He not only makes friends with her son Kevin (Ian Nelson), but also lurks her in her school and harasses her there. Claire realizes that she made a huge mistake, because Noah's obsession is becoming more and more threatening ...

Everybody Wants Some!!0%Everybody Wants Some!!

Storyline:August 1980: Baseball player Jake (Blake Jenner) has just graduated from high school and is now beginning his studies at a university in southeastern Texas. As Jake moves into the rundown dorm set up for the baseball team, he is greeted by fellow players and fellow students with a strange mixture of camaraderie and hostility. The conceited McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin) makes no secret of his dislike of Jake. The boisterous Roper (Ryan Guzman), the Stoner Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), the philanderer Nesbit (Ausin Amelio) and the eloquent Finn (Glen Powell) are fast becoming Jake's friends. Together, they hit their ears at boisterous parties and in clubs of all stripes, when they're not playing baseball together. One day when Jake meets the beautiful Beverly (Zoey Deutch), he does not even know where his head is ...