Sam Claflin's New Movies

Journey's End0%Journey's End

Storyline:1918 on the Aisne River in northeastern France: A group of British officers, led by young officer Stanhope (Sam Claflin), who is beginning to lose his mind, expects their fate in very different ways. Film adaptation of the eponymous play by R.C. Sherriff.

My Cousin Rachel0%My Cousin Rachel

Storyline:The English gentleman Philip (Sam Claflin) travels with great anxiety to the estate of his cousin Ambrose, who once helped the former orphan like a father. For some time, Philip received letters from Ambrose, in which he raved about his new wife Rachel (Rachel Weisz). The last received letters but were increasingly strange and seemed to warn the dark-haired woman ... Ambrose dies before Philip can interview him personally, and the vengeful bereaved, the idea grows, Ambrose 'hitherto unknown wife and widow Rachel is behind the death his cousin. But the mysterious and captivatingly charming woman easily captivates the young man ... and his thirst for revenge seems to have vanished.