Sanaa Lathan's New Movies

Nappily Ever After0%Nappily Ever After

Storyline:Violet Jones has a great job, a doctor as a friend and an always-on hairstyle - she has a showcase life, you might think. Until suddenly the ground is pulled under her feet and a tragic event changes her life forever. But this is the only way she realizes that the life she believed she had to live by is not what she really wants.

The Perfect Guy0%The Perfect Guy

Storyline:Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) has the perfect life: As a lobbyist she is extremely successful in her job, her longtime friend Dave (Morris Chestnut) carries her on her hands and now, at 36, she is ready to take the next step. She finally wants to start her own family. Dave is not really fond of this idea and his concerns lead to a painful separation. In the aftermath, Leah's path crosses several times with that of Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy), an attractive and charming stranger. The two are getting closer, not least because Carter lovingly cares for Leah and her family. It seems Leah has hit the perfect man now. But the whole thing is just too good to be true. Soon she discovers to Carter a very different, sinister side and has to wonder if she can really trust him.

Approaching the Unknown0%Approaching the Unknown

Storyline:Captain William Stanaforth (Mark Strong) is a biologist who designed and constructed a reactor in which soil is broken down into individual molecules and used to produce water. Along with his machine Stanaforth embarks on the long journey through space to become the first human to enter the planet Mars. Arriving on the Red Planet, the scientist is to make the first preparations for colonization, install his reactor, produce water, grow crops. In the process, the whole world is supposed to watch him, but at first he finds himself on his seemingly infinite journey in the dark of space. But when one day an unexpected incident occurs on his journey, all of a sudden, not only his entire mission, but also his life is put on the line ...

American Assassin100%American Assassin

Storyline:Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) has just filed a marriage application to his girlfriend on a beach holiday, where she is killed in an attack by terrorists. Mitch, who was destroyed on the ground, wants to avenge himself on the perpetrators and goes on the advice of the CIA vice-chief Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan) to the hard-hitting and notorious veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) into the order killer teaching. After an intense and brutal training, the two take their first mission, investigating a series of terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets. They quickly discover that all the assassinations are connected to each other and come across the mysterious Ghost (Taylor Kitsch), who is obviously behind it. While trying to get the terrorists to the track, Mitch quickly realizes that Ghost is always a step ahead ...