Sarah Hyland's New Movies


Storyline:Those who are on their way to the famous music festival Coachella are usually in search of musical adventures and discoveries. Not so the four friends Cloe (Sarah Hyland), David (Steven Krueger), Seth (Justin Chon) and Elise (Clara Mamet), because before they devote themselves to the music, they want to spend two days in the metropolis Los Angeles and places and Visit buildings where ritual human sacrifices occurred in the 1990s and '80s. At one of those occult places, they rescue Alice (Sophie Dalah) from being sacrificed and take her to her hotel room. But once there, the friends quickly realize that something seems to be wrong with Alice and from now on they must be careful not to end up as victims of occult rituals.


Storyline:With XOXO, the most gigantic party for fans of electronic dance music in the USA is just around the corner. In one night, six strangers meet, all of whom want to be part of the party people. Among them is Ethan (Graham Phillips). The young DJ is suddenly scheduled to perform at the festival after his songs have become internet hits just a few days ago. For him, of course, it is the opportunity of his life, but now fate seems to have conspired against him. For Ethan, it seems impossible to even reach the stage of the festival ... But each of the other festival visitors also writes its very own story this evening: A hopeless romantic wants to find the great love, a former scene-size hopes to return to the spotlight and a couple is tempted.