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First They Killed My Father0%First They Killed My Father

Storyline:Cambodia, 1975: The Khmer Rouge take control of the country and thus initiate their multi-year regime of terror, which has killed nearly two million Cambodians. At the seizure of power, the little girl Loung Ung (Sareum Srey Moch) is just five years old. She experiences the terrible events through her innocent children's eyes. With her family, including her father (Phoeung Kompheak) and her mother (Sveng Socheata), Loung flees in the pickup truck from the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, because of an American bombardment is feared. Meanwhile, the Khmer Rouge are forcibly enforcing their communism: private land is being confiscated, the Ung family and many other Cambodians have been forced to work in the fields so that the soldiers can eat. Loung Ung escapes from the camp, in which every irregularity is severely punished. She lands in another camp - where she is forced to become a child soldier ...