Scott Eastwood's New Movies

Pacific Rim: Uprising0%Pacific Rim: Uprising

Storyline:It looked as if Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) would have a glorious future as a Jaeger pilot and thus protect humanity in the gigantic robot from the giant water monsters Kaiju. He could have followed in the footsteps of his father Stacker, who sacrificed himself in resistance to creatures from another world. But because Stacker put more hope in Jake's sister Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) and the young man never met his father's expectations, he threw out pilot training and landed in the Underworld, where he became a thief and a black marketer. But humanity needs it in the face of a never before seen threat. Mako leads a new team of young Jaeger pilots, to which Jake is also expected to join. Together with his rival Lambert (Scott Eastwood), the hacker Amara (Cailee Spaeny) and the equally courageous as conflict-laden Jules Reyes (Adria Arjona) Jake is part of the important defense force ...

The Longest Ride0%The Longest Ride

Storyline:Ira Levinson (Alan Alda) is 91 years old, sick and lonely. One day he has a traffic accident in which he suffers severe injuries. Nobody comes to help the old man who can not get out of the vehicle. He hallucinates and his wife Ruth (Oona Chaplin), who died nine years ago, appears to him. She encourages him to stay alive by engaging Ira in a conversation about their shared past. Just a few miles away, young art student Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson) meets cowboy Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood). Although the two come from completely different worlds, they fall in love with each other. And despite all the differences, the fates of Ira, Ruth, Sophia and Luke will touch ... After the eponymous novel by Nicholas Sparks.


Storyline:Brothers Andrew (Scott Eastwood) and Garrett Foster (Freddie Thorp) specialize in car theft, but they do not simply rob them of any car, only the best of the best, the absolute luxury cars. For this reason, they are also hired to steal a gangster boss in Marseilles its sinfully expensive 1937 Bugatti Type 57. However, the theft goes awry and Andrew and Garrett are caught by the mighty Jacomo Morier (Simon Abkarian) and his henchmen. Of course, Morier is not very enthusiastic about the theft attempt, but he gives the moribund brothers a chance to earn their lives: They are to steal from Morier's archrival Max Klemp (Clemens Schick). Because even Klemp has a coveted car in his possession, his beloved 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO ...