Sigourney Weaver's New Movies


Storyline:After 57 years, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is finally brought out of the cold sleep. In front of a committee of inquiry, she reports on the events on the "Nostromo" and on the alien eggs on the planet LV-426. In the meantime people are even settling on this planet, to whom, however, all contact has recently broken off. A military mission is being prepared to make sure everything is right - Ripley is designated as a counselor. At first she resists, but finally she agrees. It does not take long for the troupe to get involved in a bloody fight against a variety of aliens ...


Storyline:The crew of space freighter Nostromo - including the third officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) - is in artificial deep sleep. Suddenly her ship receives an SOS signal. The on-board computer then arouses the crew, the call for help leads a little later on an inhospitable planet. The crew discovers the wreckage of an alien spaceship. A crew member is attacked by an alien, which sucks on his face. Although the ship's doctor Ash (Ian Holm) succeeds in removing the foreign organism, the alien creature is by no means defeated. In the narrowness of the spaceship begins a battle for survival in which the enemy is almost invisible, insidious and extremely deadly ...

A Monster Calls0%A Monster Calls

Storyline:Little Conor (Lewis MacDougall) lives with his sick mother Elizabeth (Felicity Jones) and does not feel well at school - some kids tease Conor, others treat him like a raw egg because of his mom's illness. And even at home everything just seems to get worse, especially when Conor has to be with his strict grandmother (Sigourney Weaver). As if all this were not disturbing enough, Conor also has nightmares in which he reminds of the imminent death of his mother and the old yew comes alive in front of the window, suddenly in a gnarled monster (voice in the original: Liam Neeson) transformed. The eerie creature destroys the environment - and tells Conor what the difference between reality and fairy tale is ...