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Storyline:The singer Solmaz (Demet Evgar) is left behind by her husband after a long marriage and shortly thereafter by chance coincides with the neurotic fikret (Engin Günaydın), whose long-term relationship ended the same day as Solmaz's. And that's where Solmaz comes in handy: Because her daughter Zeynep (Su Kutlu) has received a marriage proposal from her great love in the Turkish city of Adana, but she has not told her future husband the truth about her family. So Solmaz presses Fikret to impersonate Zeynep's father, who is said to be a powerful and respected police chief. Actually, he is supposed to play this role only for the official request and the ceremony, but soon he is involved in all the wedding preparations that are traditionally taken over by the groom's family. And so Fikret, who is extremely bad at lying, must continue to play his role in the face of the hard-hitting kebab business family from Adana ...