T.J. Miller's New Movies

Office Christmas Party0%Office Christmas Party

Storyline:"Ho Ho Holy $ #! T": When groggy entrepreneur Carol (Jennifer Aniston) announces that she is about to close the office of her party-hungry brother Clay (TJ Miller) just before Christmas, Clay has to throw out an epic office Christmas party for a potential one To impress customers and to save the jobs after all. He grabs Technical Director Josh (Jason Bateman) and IT Manager Tracey (Olivia Munn), who are entrusted with the organization. But the big festival is completely out of control - it is drunk to the point of insensibility, in the parking lot is wild herumgevögelt, a reindeer drinks from the toilet, some of the party guests just barely survive and the next morning it looks like more than just a bomb hit the office complex ...


Storyline:The former elite soldier Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is now a mercenary who prefers to spend his free time in the puff. When he learns of his cancer, he undergoes a risky experiment in the lab of unscrupulous Ajax (Ed Skrein). He then has enormous self-healing powers, but looks ugly - so he wants his girlfriend, the prostitute Vanessa Carlisle (Morena Baccarin), no longer appear before the eyes. So Wade slips into a red and black suit with a mask and tries as Deadpool to make Ajax to make him pretty again. He gets help from two X-Men, the metalman Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), a young woman with explosive abilities. However, Deadpool's mission is different from other people with superpowers. The most obvious differences are his jet-black humor, his biting tongue and his habit of turning directly to the film audience ...

The Emoji Movie0%The Emoji Movie

Storyline:The emojis all live in a small world in our cell phones: in Textopolis. There they wait and hope that the telephone user chooses their messages. But Gene (in the original: T.J. Miller / German version: Tim Oliver Schultz) has a problem: In contrast to all other emojis he has more than one facial expression. He was born without filters and is therefore different than anyone else. But he dreams of being "normal" and asks the over-enthusiastic Hi-5 (James Corden / Christoph Maria Herbst) and the infamous codebreaker Emoji Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer / Joyce Ilg) to help him with his greatest wish fulfill. Together they set out to find the code that can repair genes and roam the most diverse mobile apps on their way. Actually a fun affair - but then the three suddenly discover a new and unexpected danger that threatens the entire emoji world ...