Taran Killam's New Movies

Night School0%Night School

Storyline:Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) has come through the life well even without graduation. Thanks to his loose mouth and ingenuity, he is regularly chosen as Barbecue Grill salesman of the month. However, when the whole store flies in his face due to a mishap, he has to come up with an alternative. Teddy decides to become a stockbroker but has to visit the evening school of his former high school. There is now his former classmate and nerd Mackenzie (Rob Riggle) director. He wants to make life difficult for his old schoolmate. But the evening school teacher Carrie (Tiffany Haddish) does not allow that, because she wants to bring each of her students successfully through the classroom. However, when she declares Teddy "clinically stupid" after a short while, he sees no other way out than to steal the final exam ...

Killing Gunther0%Killing Gunther

Storyline:Assassin Blake (Taran Killam) sees no real chance of promotion in his job, because he is always superior to the icy Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger). When he is also left by his girlfriend Lisa McCalla (Cobie Smulders), Blake finally has enough: He decides to bring Gunther around the corner and to become even the best killer in the world! With his team of contract killers from all corners of the world, Blake gets to work. And to prove Gunther's death, he has his manhunt of a group of documentary filmmakers for posterity ...