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Storyline:Ireland in the 13th century: A small group of monks around Brother Geraldus (Stanley Weber) embark on an important mission. They must transport the sacred relic of their monastery across the country to Rome. They face an arduous journey with many dangers and unexpected threats, but the men of God - including the novice Diarmuid (Tom Holland), Brother Cathal (Hugh O'Conor), and a dumb monk (Jon Bernthal) - lie down with theirs unshakeable faith in the heart, kilometer after kilometer. But in time they reveal the true meaning of the sheltered sanctuary, and they realize too late that it is that cohesive and hope-giving faith that will ultimately destroy it ...

Spider-Man: Homecoming100%Spider-Man: Homecoming

Storyline:After his encounter with the Avengers Peter Parker aka Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is back in New York, where he lives with his aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Since he fought with or against the other heroes, he wonders whether he should do more with his outstanding abilities than just being the friendly spider from the neighborhood, which prevents one or the other burglar and stops the tiebreaker. But also the teenager, promoted by his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), has to get the daily routine on the line, the everyday life as a teenager at a high school, where he lied in Liz (Laura Harrier). Stupid, that in this situation a villain for restlessness, technically best equipped and driven by Rachedurst: the Vogelmann Vulture (Michael Keaton) ...