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Storyline:Wild Bill Hickok (Luke Hemsworth) is a notorious gunslinger whose reputation precedes, even as far as Abilene, Kansas. There he appears in 1871 at exactly the right time, because the largest cattle trading town of the Wild West is ruled by a bunch of outlaws. Because he is so impressed by the shooting skills of Hickok, Mayor Abilenes George Knox (Kris Kristofferson) Hickok offers the post of local marshal. In the role he should really clean up and put the Outlaws and Cowboys the craft. The mighty saloon owner Phil Poe (Trace Atkins), himself one of the city's dangerous men, wants to get rid of Hickok as quickly as possible, so he puts a bounty on him. The violence escalates completely and soon it comes to the all-important fight Hickok against Poe ...