Will Ferrell's New Movies

Holmes & Watson0%Holmes & Watson

Storyline:England in the Victorian Age: Sherlock Holmes (Will Ferrell), the greatest detective of all time, solves together with his congenial partner Dr. Watson (John C. Reilly) in series tricky cases, where he can always rely on his disguise skill, his ingenious mind and his extraordinary methods. But then Holmes' nemesis Moriarty (Ralph Fiennes) threatens the life of Queen Victoria (Pam Ferris). Holmes and Watson only stay four days to solve the case ...

Daddy's Home0%Daddy's Home

Storyline:Radio producer Brad (Will Ferrell) wants to be Megan (Scarlett Estevez) and Dylan (Owen Vaccaro), the children of his wife Sara (Linda Cardellini), the best stepfather they can wish for. But then comes the birth of his father, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg). Both men now vie for the favor of the children - and both could hardly be more different. Brad is a reliable, diligent, bitchy guy, Dusty the opposite: Instead of a suit, he wears a leather jacket, a tie instead of a chain, and on the road, he prefers to ride his motorcycle. This machine Brad directly fatal, as he does not like to face the loose-rocketing competing dad like a washcloth and turn a round. It should not be the last accident that happens in the contest for the love of children ...

Get Hard0%Get Hard

Storyline:Rich, self-sufficient investment banker James King (Will Ferrell) has a comfortable life with pretty women, a mansion and staff looking after the garden and car. But from one day to the next, luxury loses all its importance - King has to go to prison for ten years for fraud. Because the condemned gets very scared at this prospect, he wants to start his sentence prepared. That's why he hired Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), one of his car washers, to harden him for the harsh prison life. King concludes that Lewis has any experience at all, from his poor education and low economic status. Prejudices like this learn to overcome King in the course of the following, often very unpleasant training. And even Lewis' resentments are being put to the test ...

Daddy's Home 20%Daddy's Home 2

Storyline:Meanwhile, the stuffy, over-cautious Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) and the casual as well as reckless Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) have come together, the two former cocks share the task of the father in the common patchwork family: Brad is now with Dusty's ex-wife Sara (Linda Cardellini) is married, but they all take care of the three children, which works well apart from a few taunts and disagreements. But peace is in jeopardy as the fathers of Brad and Dusty announce themselves over Christmas: Mr. Whitaker (John Lithgow) is even more cautious and emotional than his son, and Mr. Mayron (Mel Gibson) presents his offspring as adrenaline-pumping macho easy in the shade ... Continuation of the comedy "Daddys's Home" with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.