Willa Fitzgerald's New Movies

Freak Show0%Freak Show

Storyline:Drag Queen Billy Bloom (Alex Lawther) is facing rejection at his new conservative school. He decides to fight back on behalf of the outsiders of the school and to apply as a ball queen. Youth book adaptation after James St. James.

Blood Money0%Blood Money

Storyline:The devious white-collar criminal Miller (John Cusack) is on the run from the authorities and wants to settle for a small plane with a bastard of misappropriated funds, for which he even leaves his family behind - but four bulging pockets land after the planned parachute jump not in the same place as Miller. Rather, the money falls into the hands of three friends, who are on a joint camping and rafting tour through the wilderness, because after an alcohol-rich night, it's college student Lynn (Willa Fitzgerald), who happens to be jogging over the eight million dollars stumbles. At first, the group is happy about the unexpected windfall, but soon the find puts the friendship of the young people to the test, because everyone wants to have the find for themselves - including Miller, who is already searching for "his" money and every act of violence ready.