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Storyline:The young Migo (original voice: Channing Tatum / German voice: Kostja Ullmann) is a bright, honest and faithful Yeti, who carries his heart in the right place. He always believed what he was taught in his village. But when he sees a being - a human - that supposedly does not exist, his entire life and everything he ever believed in is turned upside down. No one in the community takes Migo off his discovery. Only his friend Meechee (Zendaya / Aylin Tezel), who constantly explores her curiosity, believes him. With an organization she has already gathered evidence that people, so-called "small foods", exist. Nevertheless, Migo goes alone on the search for the sighted person, who is called Percy and so far doubted the existence of Yetis ...

Duck Duck Goose0%Duck Duck Goose

Storyline:The gander Peng (voice in the original: Jim Gaffigan / German voice: Markus Pfeiffer) is quite a showman and brings with his breakneck tricks constantly the formation flight training of his conspecifics. One day, the other geese have their bills full and just head south without peng, where the geese want to spend the winter. Peng can not fly anymore due to an injury and therefore can not follow them immediately. Rather accidentally, he becomes the lifesaver of the lousy ducklings Lissy (Zendaya / Marcia von Rebay) and Lucky (Lim Lance / Norman Endres), who follow him at every turn. First, Peng has no great desire to play the protector for the two chicks and declares himself ready only for selfish reasons, together to undertake the arduous journey to the south, which happens in a single file. But little by little Peng grows the two little ducks to heart ...

The Greatest Showman0%The Greatest Showman

Storyline:As P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) loses his job, driving him and his wife Charity over their livelihood concerns. But then the two-time father Barnum has a business idea: He founds a curiosity cabinet, for which he hires, among other things, a bearded woman and a short man. But he does not only want to offer his paying guests curiosities, but also a breathtaking show with acrobats like the trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) and spectacular dancers. At the same time Barnum longs for the respect of the fine company, who looks down on his circus. He teamed up with reputable theater maker Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron), and when he meets the Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson) at a royal audience, he senses the chance, finally taken seriously in high society and the art scene to become. He's going on an America tour with Jenny ... Biographical original musical about the legendary showmaster, politician, businessman and fraudster P.T. Barnum.