Storyline:Wilfred James (Thomas Jane) lives with his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) and his son Henry (Dylan Schmid) in Nebraska in 1922. Wilfred's pride and joy is his house and yard as well as his son. That is why he is anything but enthusiastic when Arlette inherits her estate from her father and wants to leave the laborious and underprivileged life in the countryside behind to move to the city with Henry. After all, she even wants to divorce him and force him to sell the house. Then Wilfred makes a fatal decision with nightmarish consequences: he assassinated Arlette together with Henry, but after the crime he sees himself suddenly pursued by rats and comes to the conviction that the spirit of his dead wife is responsible for it ... "1922" is the first of five parts of the novella collection "Between Night and Dark" by Stephen King.

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