6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain
6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain(2017)

Storyline:Former ice hockey player Eric LeMarque (Josh Hartnett) embarked on an exciting snowboarding tour in February 2004 and selected the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada. The adrenalin junkie is looking for the danger and the adventure, but also the loneliness. Far away from all secured ski slopes, he sets off, but then a huge blizzard suddenly sets in, eroding Eric completely and separating him from civilization. Without provisions and permanently threatened by wild animals, Eric wandered for days through the mountains. On his own, however, he begins to rethink his life and his past full of drugs and rediscovers his belief in himself. It should be over with the tormenting memories! The situation seemed hopeless so far, but Eric does not think about giving up.

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