A Cure for Wellness
A Cure for Wellness(2016)

Storyline:Because the CEO of the company he works in lasts too long in a wellness center in the Swiss Alps, the ambitious young employee Mr. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) sets off for Europe to meet his boss Mr. Pembroke (Harry Groener). Once there, he soon realizes that the institution is not the idyllic temple of healing, as it presents itself to the outside. Finally, because he asks too many questions, the staff also diagnoses Lockhart with the strange illness that seems to hold all the patients here. Under the direction of the enigmatic spa director Volmer (Jason Isaacs), the treatment begins and his mind is put to the test. At the same time, Lockhart and her long-term patient Hannah (Mia Goth) continue to investigate to get to the bottom of the secret of the facility ...

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