A Demon Within
A Demon Within(2017)

Storyline:Single mother Julia (Charlene Amoia) and teenage daughter Charlotte (Patricia Ashley) want to move to the old mansion of Crestwick to give their lives a fresh start. What they do not know is that a vicious demon named Nefas has been mischievous in the house for centuries. Nefas is always hungry and nurses him with the souls of young girls and thus he has found in the daughter the ideal new victim for himself. Only the skeptical doctor of the small town of Jeremy Miller (Clint Glenn Hummel) really knows about Nefas and is alarmed accordingly. But before he can intervene to help, he must first fight his own inner demons from the past. But he should hurry, because especially the young girl is running out of time ... Based on true events from the 19th century.

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