A Dog's Purpose
A Dog's Purpose(2017)

Storyline:Golden Retriever puppy Bailey (voice in the original: Josh Gad / German voice: Florian David Fitz) is one day from the eight-year-old Ethan (Bryce Gheisar) and his mother brought out of the shelter to live with the family. A few years later, Bailey grew up and Ethan (now: K.J. Apa) became a teenager, and the faithful dog helps his master conquer the heart of Ethan's classmate Hannah (Britt Robertson). As Bailey dies one day in the dog-high age, he comes to his own surprise but not in the dog heaven, but is reborn as a German shepherd dog named Ellie, who works with her human partner Carlos (John Ortiz) in the Chicago police. And even as Ellie dies one day in the exercise of her duty, Bailey's cycle of reincarnation is not over ... The film is based on the book "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron. In addition, a sequel ("A Dog's Journey") as well as an action-independent third book called "The Dogs Of Christmas" appeared.

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